A Perfect Slice is Still the Heart of Our Reputation for Excellence

Hard Roll Slicing


Ideal for Delicate Product!

  • Simultaneously Slices 6 Hearth-Type Rolls at a Rate Exceeding 3000 Dozen Hard Rolls per Hour
  • Now Available in a Wash-Down Model

Band Slicing Head

BF-15/BF-15W & BF-25/BF-25W

For Single or Double-Though Slicing!

  • A Consistent Slice
  • Completely Adjustable
  • Power Head Lift Comes Standard
  • Designed for Ease of Maintenance & Sanitation

Heavy Duty Slicer


Perfect for Partially Frozen Artisan Product!

  • With GU31W & BF15WHD Slicing Heads
  • Designed for Horizontal Slicing of Partially Frozen Artisan Bread Products
  • Handles up to 4 lanes of Web Slicing & up to 8 Lanes of Hinge Slicing

A Versatile Workhorse for Your Line!

  • Adjustable up to 12 Lanes of Product
  • Hand & Conveyorized Feed
  • Add Slicing Heads as Your Needs Change

Hinge or Web Slicing Head

GU10/GU10W GU25/GU25W

Perfect for all Variety of Rolls and Buns!

  • Superior Slicing of Cluster Product
  • Adjustable Slicing Height, Depth, & Conveyor Pressure

Bagel Slicing


The Fastest, Most Durable System Available!

  • Independently Driven, Fully Adjustable Top Conveyor
  • Conveyor Can Run From 60-130 Feet Per Minute

New England Slicer & Top Slicer Heads

TS Series

Ask About Our New England & Top Slicer Heads!

  • Vertical Slicing Units for Coney Buns, Specialty Buns, or New England Style Hot Dog Rolls

Up to 1500 Dozen Muffins Per Hour!

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Safe and user-friendly design
  • Automatic blade-chain tensioning
  • Fully adjustable

Flat Bread Slicing System

Model BF-15 W/ST

Product details coming soon.

Loaf Opening System

Product details coming soon.

Model RS Slicer

Product details coming soon.